Blade Soul

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Blade and Soul: Bestiary


Our world is home to many strange and curious blade and soul gold creatures. Between humans and animals are the Beast Kin, but one must always be careful to never confuse the three! The Beast Kin never take kindly to being compared to humans, after all. Further beyond them are Sacred Beasts, ancient monsters, even mystical machines granted life!


There exist strange creatures that live and die blade and soul power leveling, yet are not made of flesh and blood. They are forged from iron, born from the trees, or sculpted from the earth itself. The enormous Ironfang are guardian lions often seen in the company of the Terracotta Soldiers – both beings crafted from ore and clay. Humans have made the humble Training Dummies in their own image; simple-minded humanoids made from wood or metal, given life through infusions of Chi. Yet it was the ancient Naryu who were the true masters of creating Automatons.


These stone golems might be mistaken for mindless Automatons, but nothing is further from the truth. They are earth spirits of a sort, naturally channeling the ambient Chi of the world through their cores. Augerites come in many sizes – some small as pebbles and few as large as mountains. They are ancient guardians of the earth, so it’s best not to trifle with them for fear of angering the spirits.


Ah, the Raptor! It is an umbrella term for a broad variety of predators which populate every corner of the world. Some soar through the skies as watchful birds of prey while other flightless Raptors dart across the deserts and mountains. While all Raptors are territorial and vicious, they are generally no real threat and are a popular part of common cuisine as a result. But bones of ancient Raptors found in the desert show that they once grew to monstrous size with wings that could blot out the sun… perhaps such giant birds still exist somewhere in the world?

The Undead

Life does not always end with death. Sometimes it just keeps on going, undaunted by calamity and decay. While the lingering souls of the dead sometimes wander as harmless ghosts, a corpse infused with Dark Chi rises as a horrendous undead nightmare. Some occur where Dark Chi naturally festers, though others are the creation of foul human efforts. The bloodthirsty Jiangshi are still dressed in their funeral garb when they stalk the land, while Skeletal Soldiers of long-dead armies still march through the night. Pity the Undead and the torture that is their existence. 

The Spider Queen

Nobody is truly sure of where this ancient monster came from or how it continues to thrive in the world today, but there is no doubt as to the threat it poses. Dokumo, the Spider Queen – a massive, terrifying arachnid that lurks deep within the bowels of the earth itself. From its nest spawn armies of skittering Giant Spiders able to snatch a human up in the blink of an eye and drag them to a screaming demise. Beware the spiders – if you see one, it only means that there are a dozen more nearby waiting to pounce.


If you wish to see a true example of nature’s fury, look no further than the monstrous Thrasher. These tyrannical predators are so fierce that even the warriors of the Snapjaw Tribe respect their might and face them as worthy foes. Universally huge in size, always starving for flesh, and cunning in battle: the Thrashers are predators of the highest order. Some are even capable of spewing vile toxins to weaken their prey before moving in for the bone-crushing kill.

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Are you finding a Korean MMORPG? Do you want to experience the fun of a new martial arts fantasy action MMORPG! Blade & Soul will give you answer. Buy Blade & Soul Gold on to experience this exciting game. 

Blade & Soul is a martial-arts based fantasy MMO from NCSoft. Developed by the team behind Lineage II with stylized art and character designs by famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, the game is inspired by Oriental martial arts and fantasy. Blade & Soul Gold features lush environments and game play that borrows elements from fighting games, plat formers, and even tosses in a few puzzles.

The biggest feature of Blade & Soul is its sword system. Players can use Blade & Soul Gold to play thorgh to the Tiepu in forging weapons. And players can also be cast by the acquisition of skills to create their own masterpiece weapons and use BNS Gold to make a variety of material combinations on their own swords. 

Blade & Soul consists of four playable races, humanoid species called the Jin, the Gon, the Lyn, and an exclusively female race called the Kun. And you can use Blade & Soul Gold during the game. The game features eight playable classes, but only the Blade Master, Assassin, Kung-Fu Master, Force Master and Destroyer have been unveiled. Though it has been hinted summoner and marksman are likely to be in the final release. 

The Ways To Make Gold In Blade And Soul


Blade And Soul Gold in the game is a good thing. But to get it, is not an easy task. There are 5 tips for checking, wish can help you.

1. Many people say that playing BOSS or playing strange yellow make money

Analysis: The new version of BOSS will be prompted before the appearance. So, regardless of where people are playing a lot of BOSS. A total of 10 times to have one that you play on is luck. To rely on BOSS fight to make bns gold is basically impossible. Wong strange to play, the scope is not higher than you are 15 you are not below 15. So, to remind you what one can?

2. Using the stock business, silver for gold and then selling materials and call the yellow basket mounted stones and so on

Analysis: Basic and gold prices advanced materials prices were flat. You can make no difference. The sale to open a trumpet call from the yellow basket mounted and precious stones, one hour could typically be 20-30L much richer.

3. Reselling things

Analysis: reselling something is making the income. But also sub-human, there must be sufficient time and capital, but also on the market very well. Indeed, some people do not know the price, good things will be sold very cheap, but such people are few, can not be met every day. So we rely on some tips about the market, such as a monopoly in some books, for speculation.

4. Run business

Analysis: As long as security is like, so there must highly skilled player is organization. 45 minutes will be able to finish three times, earned Blade and Soul Gold, is 12 dollars or so, and I have to work for an hour is pay to the hand.

5. Normal upgrade to fight monsters

Analysis: Take me for instance. Upgrade fast attack with the group, medication is also fast, very little violence, but it is certainly able to recover the cost of drug money. Materials and precious stones are also not among them.

A single attack, upgrade slowly, but the violence many things, one million or more experience in the corresponding 2D. The profit rate and selling call the yellow basket mounted flat stones.

Blade & Soul: A Fast-Tracking Tutorial


Blade & Soul is one of the most anticipated games to come shortly, with many players speaking about it for years. With the final beta kicking off, it was a great time to get a final look at what can be expected in the full release coming up soon. And let's just say that the game is nothing short of impressive.

The tutorial within the game is very well done. Within the first five minutes or so (assuming you read quickly or just ignore quest text), you learn how to do tons of the game's basic things, such as:

 Attacking enemies (with multiple different skills, to help learn your class)
 Loot items
 Equip things
 Use potions
 Fight against deadly foes
 Use your minion to help with fights
 Explore (including dashing, gliding, etc.)
 Picking up and completing quests
 And more

The tutorial pretty much pushes you from one thing to the next, making it very simple to catch on to the game, without having the core parts spread over a multi-hour gaming session. Some of these mechanics are a little weird and take some getting used to, but most should be fairly familiar if you've played a MMORPG in the past.

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