Blade Soul

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Blade and Soul: Bestiary


Our world is home to many strange and curious blade and soul gold creatures. Between humans and animals are the Beast Kin, but one must always be careful to never confuse the three! The Beast Kin never take kindly to being compared to humans, after a... więcej

The Ways To Make Gold In Blade And Soul


Blade And Soul Gold in the game is a good thing. But to get it, is not an easy task. There are 5 tips for checking, wish can help you. 1. Many people say that playing BOSS or playing strange yellow make money Analysis: The new version of BOSS will be... więcej

Blade & Soul: A Fast-Tracking Tutorial


Blade & Soul is one of the most anticipated games to come shortly, with many players speaking about it for years. With the final beta kicking off, it was a great time to get a final look at what can be expected in the full release coming up soon.... więcej

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